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How to Disable Blue Tick in WhatsApp

How to Disable Blue Tick in WhatsApp: Are you annoyed by the blue tick in WhatsApp? Some people report that the blue tick is back in WhatsApp for Android and iOS. In this post, I will tell you how to disable the blue tick in WhatsApp. It is not a new feature, WhatsApp has had the blue check mark forever. However, some people are annoyed by it. Here is how you can disable it.

how to disable blue tick in whatsapp

How to check messages on WhatsApp without Blue Tick

The lack of this basic feature in WhatsApp really took us by surprise, and we promise we'll have a tutorial on how to turn off the blue tick in WhatsApp soon. Since the process is so simple, anyone can learn how to remove the blue tick on WhatsApp by turning off the read receipts feature. If you disable read receipts (blue checkmark) in WhatsApp, your contacts will not know if you have read their messages. Read receipts (also known as blue ticks or blue ticks) are a feature included by default in WhatsApp that lets senders know if a recipient has read a message.

How to Disable Blue Tick on WhatsApp?

In this article, you will learn how to turn off WhatsApp read receipts, also known as the WhatsApp blue tick, and prevent other people from knowing that you have actually read their messages. Disabling blue checkmarks in WhatsApp will not disable read receipts for group chats or voice message playback. Although it is possible to turn off read receipts for WhatsApp messages sent to your contacts, both in the official version of WhatsApp and modified versions, this cannot be done for group messages and voice messages. WhatsApp won't let you turn off read receipts for a group chat, though the checkmarks only turn blue when everyone in the group has read the message, so it's less obvious to the sender if you ignore them.

How To Remove WhatsApp Blue Ticks (Disable Read Receipts)

By disabling the read receipt option, WhatsApp ensures that the recipient of the message does not notify the sender when the message is read. It's available for Android users who have the new WhatsApp, but those who have it can go to Settings > Privacy > and turn off the "Read Receipts" this is the option to remove the blue check/tick when reading other people's messages mark. To the disappointment of users, WhatsApp introduced a read receipt (blue checkmark) option in its app to display a checkmark next to every message sent. To the chagrin of its users, WhatsApp quietly rolled out read reports earlier this month (allowing people to see exactly when messages were read, not just sent).

How to remove WhatsApp Blue Tick?

For years, the WhatsApp app has had a "Blue Tick" feature that indicates the message has been read by the recipient and a "Last Seen" feature that shows the time the user was last online on the app. Luckily, WhatsApp has an option to disable both of these features, and there are easy ways to stop telling others when you read their messages or when you were last online on the app. You can always read one contact message from the notification bar without opening the WhatsApp app. WhatsApp has a feature that allows the sender to know when their message has been received and read by the sender's recipient.

When you send a message to your WhatsApp contact, it goes through several delivery stages before it is delivered and read. When the checkmarks of a particular message turn blue, it means that the recipient has read the message. At first, there were only double checkmarks in gray, but now in the latest WhatsApp update, if a person has read the message, it will show double checkmarks in blue.

How to read WhatsApp Messages without Blue Tick

The app always showed a checkmark when a message was sent, which changed to two gray checkmarks when it was delivered. During the introduction of blue checkmarks, WhatsApp faced a lot of criticism for violating the privacy of people who didn't want the sender to know if they had read the sent message, for whatever reason they wished. On WhatsApp, blue checkmarks can indicate to our friends and family that we have read their messages and sometimes we are forced to reply to them.

WhatsApp is making a major change that will allow users to turn off the blue checkmark to show that a message someone sent has not been read or listened to. So far, WhatsApp has not made it clear whether the new changes will also apply to Android users. Now that we understand the meaning of the main terms used in this little tip, we can now move on to the steps we need to take to delete WhatsApp read receipts for iPhone and Android. WhatsApp clearly tells you that the read receipt option is not available for group chats, so even if you really don't care, you can always make sure you can check if you're reading messages, media, and other documents.

How to see the WhatsApp Messages without Blue Tick

Once you turn off the Read Receipts option, you won't be able to see the blue checkmarks even when you're sending a message. WhatsApp developers have recently added a new feature called Checkmark or Marked Checkmarks that will appear every time you send a message to a recipient. This is for iPhone users - if you have 100 unread messages and you just know you don't want to read them, you can swipe left on the relevant chat and simply mark the messages as "read". If the damn read receipts don't turn blue, your needy correspondents will stop assuming "they ignore me because they hate me" and start assuming "oh, they don't need to check their phone because they're doing something important.


How to Disable Blue Tick in WhatsApp? If you are getting annoyed with the blue ticks from other members, then this tutorial is for you. It will help you to disable blue ticks in WhatsApp so that you can avoid spam and annoying messages. You can also avoid getting annoyed by other members of WhatsApp.

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If you are one of those users who are always on the lookout to improve the user experience of your friends and family, then here is a little trick that you can add to your arsenal. It is not a new trick, but it is one that everyone should know about it. The blue tick is a feature that has been in WhatsApp for a long time, but it was only recently that it has become a feature that people are comfortable with. The reason for this is simple. People don’t trust the blue tick. A blue tick means that the sender is who he says he is, and it is not a simple addition but rather a verification process that WhatsApp goes through to verify the identity of the sender. This verification process isn’t made public which has led to a lot of confusion among its users.

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